When do you dispatch orders?

We try to aim for 1-3 business days from when the order is placed. All orders are shipped via Australia post standard shipping

Express orders get dispatched within 24 hours of ordering (Express post is only available on request)

Where do you deliver? 

We ship to anywhere in Australia. Our orders are hand packed & dispatched from Sydney to you

Does Sugar Mumma ship to countries outside of Australia?

We currently only ship to New Zealand on request and will consider other countries on a case by case basis

Please contact info@sugarmummasydney.com

Where is my delivery? 

We want your goodies to arrive on time & as soon as possible for you to enjoy. You'll get a tracking number once we've dispatched it then you'll be able to track the order via Australia post.

Once orders are dispatched it is out of our hands but we will try our best to assist you

I'd like to order a few products but shipped to different address as gifts?

We can help you with that please email us at info@sugarmummasydney.com as we'll need to send you a custom invoice

Is express shipping available? 

Yes, we do have the option available for express shipping if it's needed at an extra charge, please note we cannot guarantee next day as there are delays with COVID-19 but express post is the fastest option available

Will i need to sign for my parcel?

There is no signature required, so for your convenience, your order will be left in a safe location at the address if no one is home at time of delivery. This is usually directly into your letterbox, behind pot plants or over fences - anywhere that is hidden from street view and deemed safe by the driver! However if Australia Post doesn't think the location is safe they will take the parcel to your local Post Office and leave a card for you to collect. 

Can i make changes to my order? 

Once orders are fulfilled changes cannot be made. You will need to contact us as soon as possible with your order number

Can i return a box i don't like?

We are unable to accept returns or exchanged as it is an edible product

What payment method do you accept?

We accept Debit or credit card, Paypal and Afterpay

Do your boxes have nut's or traces of nut's?

We cannot guarantee that a product will not come in contact with nut's. If you have any food allergies or special requests please contact us sugarmummasydney@outlook.com

Do you have Gluten Free Candy?

Yes we do! When evaluating if a product is Gluten Free we abide by the guidelines from the Coeliac Society of Australia

Please note that some foods labeled Gluten Free may contain very low trace amount of gluten (20ppm or less)

We make every effort to provide you the most correct and timely information regarding the Gluten in products, however this information is provided on a best effort and we cannot make guarantees on any products even if they state gluten free on the packaging as manufacturers can substitute ingredients or could label the product incorrectly.  If you suffer severe reactions to Gluten, we strongly advise you to do your own research on the products of interest to you and also drop us an email to info@sugarmummasydney.com, we are always here to help

Where can i find an ingredients list for your products?

We understand that some people have allergies to certain ingredients or you would just like to know more information about the candy you would like to buy. If you would like the ingredients listing for any particular product, please email info@sugarmummasydney.com and we will happily get back to you with the most up to date information straight from the product label.

Do sweets have good sell by date/best before date?

Most of our sweets will have a minimum of 6 months shelf life, however most are more like 12-18 months. 

We can not control what date is on the sweets we receive from wholesalers as they may have shorted dated stock they have sent us however it will always be in date when we send it to you.

Best before dates are just a guide as too when the sweets will be at their best. If you received items which are pass this date, they are perfectly safe to eat as it is only a best before and not use by date.

Can i customise my own box ?

Yes you sure can, please email us info@sugarmummasydney.com and we'll be able to assist you

Do you have a shopfront that i can visit?

We do not currently have a permanent shopfront

Do you have a discount code?

If you can't find a discount code on our website please email us info@sugarmummasydney.com and we will be able to help you with a discount code